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Dear Dr. Howard Gross

We are delighted that Surgical Arts on State (“you” or “your”) has chosen to work with CaliforniaJob Shop to search for the right candidate to fill your open Operating Room Supervisor position. The purpose of this letter is to confirm the terms of California Job Shop’s engagement and to provide you with a description of the scope and method of how we are going to help you (“Agreement”).

1. California Job Shop Sources Qualified Candidates.

Job Shop's first step upon engagement is to initiate a comprehensive search to locate candidates with qualifications that closely match your requirements. This includes researching appropriate organizations in order to locate individuals who meet your requirements and have demonstrated patterns of accomplishments and success in positions that closely match the one sought to be filled. Prospects will also be identified through our confidential database files and we will utilize industry appropriate advertisements and social media.

The process is designed to yield a number of qualified candidates that can be compared and competitively evaluated in order to determine the best candidates that merit an initial screening interview.

2. California Job Shop Screens Identified Candidates.

Qualified candidates that merit a screening interview will be contacted on a direct inquiry basis. The screening interviews are conducted over the phone or via Facetime, Skype or Zoom. The purpose of these interviews is to obtain a realistic, “real world” understanding of each candidate’s accomplishments, capabilities and potential. Candidates are further evaluated to determine any limitations that they might bring to the position.

3. California Job Shop Presents the Best Qualified Candidates to Client.

After California Job Shop identifies and evaluates the best qualified candidate or candidates for the target position, the candidates will be presented to you for consideration. You will receive the name of each candidate, the candidate’s resume that was provided to us by the candidate, and other information that we have gathered about the candidate through the identification and screening process. We will also provide suggestions regarding compensation.

4. Client Interviews Chosen Candidates and Decides Whether to Offer Employment.

Job Shop will try to find you the best candidates with regards to their skills, background and personality for the job that you want filled.

It is your responsibility to interview any candidate and decide whether or not you want to hire them. You are also responsible for the additional diligence and investigation that any employer may wish to do before hiring an employee.

Job Shop does not do civil or criminal background checks, skills tests, drug tests, degree verifications, license or certification reviews, nor any other test or screening to verify any candidate’s resume, materials or abilities, express or implied. The responsibility for all such verifications rests solely on you, the potential employer.

5. Client Pays California Job Shop Fee.California Job Shop fees are significantly lower than accepted standards for the employee search industry.

If you hire one of the candidates that we present to you at any time up to 12 months after presentation, then you will pay California Job Shop a fee of three week’s salary for that candidate, based upon a 40 hour week. (whether the candidate is hired part time or full time.) For example, if you hire the Operating Room Supervisor candidate for a regular hourly rate of $48, then our fee for successfully filling each (1) position will be $5760 ($48*40*3).

We will send you an invoice within 5 business days after learning that you have hired one of the candidates that we present to you, or that the flat fee requirement has been triggered. By engaging Job Shop, you agree to pay our fees in full within 30 days after invoicing. Late fees of 1.5% will be charged on any delayed payments.

You also agree that we have up to 30 days to send you at least four candidates, and that you will pay us a flat fee of $500 if you either cancel our search before the 30 days are up, or if we send you at least four candidates who meet your requirements within 30 days and you reject all of them.

Communication is extremely important to the success of this search. If California Job Shop does not get a response to a business email within 3 business days, we also consider the search a cancelled search and you will be charged the search fee of $500.

6. Additional Terms and Conditions.

Both California Job Shop and you have the right to terminate this agreement at any time, provided, however, that all obligations under this agreement remain except for California Job Shop obligation to provide you with any candidates.

You acknowledge and understand that California Job Shop is not your employee or agent, nor is it the employee or agent of any candidate. California Job Shop is not responsible for any candidate’s conduct, both before and after the candidate is interviewed by you and whether or not you decide to hire the candidate.

You release California Job Shop, its members, employees and agents, from any and all liability or claims, known or unknown, whatsoever associated with your interview and employment of any candidate presented to you by Job Shop, and shall indemnify and hold harmless California Job Shop from any and all claims asserted against California Job Shop arising from or related to this Agreement. Notwithstanding the above, if California Job Shop is held liable to you for any reason, the amount of damages to which you are entitled shall not exceed the total amount of fees that you paid to Job Shop for this specific agreement.

We appreciate this opportunity, and look forward to serving you and helping you find the best employees for your success. Your signature below represents and warrants that you are authorized on behalf of your company to enter into this Agreement. Please sign below and return to us via email at your earliest convenience so that we can get started!

California Job Shop, LLC

Estee Cohen, President


Surgical Arts on State

Dr. Howard Gross, Founder


Please sign this document as a confirmation.

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