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Assistant Administrator for 199 Bed Assisted Living 33 views

Job Opening: Assistant Administrator for 199 Bed Assisted Living

Location: Glendale, CA 91205

1. Oversee staff, ensure that schedules are kept, assist the Director with hiring, and maintain employee files.
2. Handle resident concerns, listen and document concerns, and solve problems.
3. Administer move ins, handle all paperwork, ensure residents know the schedule and are shown around, check in on new residents often as they adjust.
4. Audit resident paperwork, update medical history, emergency contacts and other information.
5. Give tours of the facility.
6. Help with OSHA and other legal, health, and security requirements.
7. Oversee employee training.
8. Maintain and track daily census.
9. Assist with navigating and managing Social Services.
10. Other duties to support all departments as needed.

1. Minimum 2-3 years experience working in a Skilled Nursing Facility or Assisted Living.
2. Experience handling paperwork, files, reports and licensing.
3. Excellent communication skills, written and verbal.
4. High energy, hands-on, warm and open to learning new skills.
5. Confidence and strong leadership skills.

Compensation: $25 – $30 per hour.

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