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Behavioral Health Technician 93 views

Job Expired

Job Opening:  Behavioral Health Technician

Location:  Tucson, AZ

Schedule Open: 7am-3pm, 3pm-11pm, 11pm-7am


1.  Supervise clients in a beautiful, in patient primary mental health facility.
2.  Provide emotional peer support, comfort and warmth while maintaining boundaries.
3.  Write shift reports using Kipu (an EMR).
4.  Assist with medication administration, training will be provide.
5.  Light housekeeping- “straightening up”


1.  Experience as a mental health worker.
2.  Strong writing skills and experience using electronic medical records.
3.  Ability to work full time and to pass a strict background check from the DOJ.
4.  Experience in residential setting.
5. If overnight, must have experience working overnight shifts.

Compensation:  $17-$20 per hour, plus benefits if full-time.

  • This job has expired!
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