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Entry Level Sales Order Specialist 74 views

Job Expired

Job Opening: Entry Level Sales Order Specialist

Location: Ventura County, CA

Schedule: Full-Time

1. Visiting facilities per established schedule to determine product needs and to gather necessary  patient documentation.
2. Interfacing with facility staff to address any Customer Service concerns.
3. Communicating with all necessary departments.
4. Obtaining, organizing, printing, and reviewing all logs to assess what information is needed prior to  visiting a facility.
5. Updating Enteral Logs with new patients and changes for current patients. (Use MAR, patient charts  and facility staff as resources for the updates)
6. Gathering all necessary paperwork to qualify Medicare Part “B” patients.
7. Copying all relevant patient paperwork (Face Sheet, Signed PO, Dx 1, Dx 2 and Justification) for all  patients for whom we supply product.
8. Faxing or sending all updated Enteral Logs and patient paperwork to the office.
9. Confirming with Customer Service that all faxed or sent materials have been received. 10. Reviewing the unbilled claims for your facilities.
11. Communicating with the Operations Manager regularly with an update of outstanding paperwork for  unbilled claims.
12. Calling the Customer Service Rep daily to communicate facility issues and to make sure all  paperwork was received.
13. Reviewing the Enteral Log prior to visiting a facility to make sure it is updated.
14. Reviewing the Part B Paperwork Tracking tab and the Pending Paperwork tab (where applicable) in the Enteral Log to know what paperwork needs to be gathered.
15. Collecting treatment sheets for Urological/Ostomy patients.
16. Taking inventory of Enteral products in the facility.
17. Taking inventory of back up Enteral pumps in the facility.
18. Rotating product per expiration date and merchandizing the product in the storage area.
19. Ensuring the any expired product is removed from the facility.
20. Calculating product orders for the facility.
21. Faxing in product orders for same/next day delivery.
22. Filling out the Facility Survey Schedule monthly.
23. Filling out the Enteral Quality Review form for all facilities approaching survey.
24. Dropping off the Payer Status Log at the Business Office and facilitating the flow of that information  to the office. (This includes updating Payer Status on the corrected Enteral Log)
25. Obtaining a facility census to assist in determination of payer status and billing.
26. E-mailing a weekly schedule to the Customer Service Rep and Operations Manager. 27. Handing in to Human Resources Time Sheets, Lunch Break Acknowledgements and Mileage for  every pay period.
28. Attending the monthly Enteral Dept Meetings.
29. Additionally, the Facility Rep may be required to participate in special assignments, occasionally work overtime on days off, and respond to any reasonable request of a Company Manager.

1. Driving, standing, walking, lifting, sitting, twisting at the waist, bending at the waist, bending at the  neck, squatting, grasping, stepping up, stepping down, and constant use of your hands.
2. Occasionally, throughout the day, required to lift products weighing up to 25 lbs. when merchandizing products at the facility. Under no circumstances should any load be lifted exceeding 30 lbs. by the Facility Rep. Education/Experience
3. Must have a high school diploma.
4. 1-3 years experience in a Customer Service environment
5. One week on the job training with Outside Facility Rep.
6. Ongoing training and in-service meetings covering APS Policies and Procedures relating to this position.

Compensation: $20-$21 an hour plus benefits

  • This job has expired!
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