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Political Campaign Manager for Public Interest Savings Bill 126 views

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Job Opening: Political Campaign Manager for Public Interest Saving Bill

Location: Southern California or throughout the US

Description: The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Project aims to enable low- and middle-income individuals and families to save for retirement and enjoy tax benefits similarly to the way high-income people save.

1. Meet with all new clients to identify and conceptualize campaign strategies
2. Design and organize an optimal campaign inside budget constraints
3. Locate and secure talent and resource before campaign launch
4. Train and groom all resources for optimum efficacy
5. Utilize staff and resources to produce quality content for execution
6. Devise a campaign timeline and schedule
7. Execute campaign effectively, on schedule and on budget
8. Monitor all outlets and resources for campaign impact and progress

1. Bachelor’s in Marketing, Advertising or related field (preferred)
2. 7+ year track record of participating in successful campaigns
3. 3+ years of management experience
4. Very strong interpersonal skills
5. Understanding of current market trends
6. Excellent organizational skills

Compensation: $250,000-$400,000

  • This job has expired!
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