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LifeSpan medicine is a preventive, integrative medicine practice focused on YOU and YOUR HEALTH. We provide a variety of healthcare services from comprehensive concierge programs to focused integrative evaluations, integrative nutrition, holistic health, joint care and sports medicine.

We believe in a proactive, health based approach using top technologies, leading edge diagnostics and integrative, natural therapies to help you look, feel and be your best self.  Our experience, understanding and dedication to this approach helps us succeed where other physicians often fail.

At LifeSpan Medicine, we provide the best experience and top care for anyone who is focused on vitality and longevity; which can include the end of chronic pain, cancer recovery, non-invasive treatment for athletic enhancement, joint pain and joint care, cardiovascular health, anti-aging, hormone replacement or eating to reduce inflammation and so much more.

Our caring team of providers are comprehensively trained, board certified and experts in their fields. We spend time assessing you and your health before creating customized plans to identify the root cause of each health issue.  Our programs correct imbalances, eliminate symptoms, prevent disease and optimize health.  With each program we provide expert care, effective treatments, exceptional care coordination and world class support.

Job Opening:  Practice Manager

Location:  Santa Monica, CA


1.  Directly oversee the day to day operations to ensure: exceptional, effective and efficient client care, administration, documentation, purchasing, financial management, inventory and providing outstanding customer service.
2.  Audit and create a best systems practice with management for all communication, collaboration tools, and general guidelines and protocols for staff that best serve the client.
3.  Directly oversee the practice operations to include: daily client care, schedules, finances, physician/support team management, documentation and clinical procedures.
4.  Directly oversee employees including: all HR functions, employee relations, mentoring, motivating and training, succession plans, etc
5.  Develop and implement policies & procedures concerning staff and management practices (conducting performance conferences, disciplinary action, terminations, maintaining incident files, etc.)
6.  Ensure employees adhere to all policies and procedures, operating practices and/or mandated regulations and laws.
7.  Customer Service; actively seek out ways that the customer can be better served including training of staff as needed.
8.  Provide leadership and vision to the organization through “management by example”.
9.  Oversee and ensure high safety standards at all times.
10.  Perform all clinical and office functions for coverage, overflow and training: include patient care, follow up, admin, front office, back office, etc.
11.  Direct production activities to insure safety and compliance with quality control standards, and regulatory compliance.
12.  Oversee and/or ensure good housekeeping at site at all times
13.  Ensure customer and vendor file integrity (documents, analytical information where required, communication notations, etc.).


1.  Minimum of five years of progressive management experience
2.  Start up experience or experience in a growing organization.
3.  Recent experience directly overseeing the complete operation including business management, inventory management, purchasing, marketing, planning and financial oversight in a retail/service setting
4. Minimum of five years of experience managing 20+ staff, including hiring, supervision, evaluation and benefits administration.
5.  Bachelor’s degree.
6.  Strong HR and employee relations skills with ability to elicit performance from a team
7.  Recent experience operating in a small-medium, privately held company
8.  Demonstrated behavior that supports the mission, vision and values of our company
9.  Proven leadership that promotes organizational focus by establishing goals and supporting new concepts
10.  Proven skills in business and financial management; demonstrated ability to work with financials, billing, collections including budgets and P&L reports
11.  Excellent, proven interpersonal, verbal and written communications skills
12.  Effective problem solving and mediation skills
13.  Proven ability to cope with conflict, stress and crisis situations
14.  High energy level, self-motivation and a desire to succeed
15.  Commitment to excellence, attention to detail and accountability
16.  A positive attitude and amazing ability to work with any personalities

Compensation:  $65,000-$80,000 plus excellent benefits and room for growth

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